#5 Anti-Israel Editor Onceinawhile

Onceinawhile's Wikipedia information


Here is a list of some of the more notable pages created by Onceinawhile:

1. Criticism of the Israeli government

2. Timeline of the name "Palestine"

3. Template:Palestine topics

4. Template:Palestine and Palestinian nationalismmoved to Template:Palestine topics

5. Timeline of anti-Zionism

6. Zionist propagandaRedirected page to Hasbara

7. One Million Plan

8. Legal status of the State of Palestine

9. The Future of Palestine

10. Template:Islamic holy sites in Israel and Palestine

11. Israeli law in the West Bank settlements

12. Knesset Land of Israel Caucus

13. Cartography of Jerusalem

14. Mawlud Mukhlis

15. Constitution of Mandatory Palestine

16. Template:Israeli occupations navbox

17. Israeli occupation of Sinai

18. Annexation of the Jordan Valley

19. Fall of the Berlin Wall ‎[Article includes reference to Israeli security fence.]

20. Biblical terminology for race

21. Cartography of Palestine

22. Hebraization of Palestinian place names

23. Survey of Palestine

24. ‎Israel–United Arab Emirates peace treaty Onceinawhile moved page to Israel–United Arab Emirates accords

25. West Bank bantustans

Onceinawhile is one of the primary participants in systematically removing "pogrom" from Wikipedia and replacing it with other terms, usually "riots."

Pogroms Editing:

1. Alexandria pogromsOnceinawhile moved page Alexandria pogroms to Alexandrian riots

2. 1033 Fez pogrom Onceinawhile moved page to 1033 Fez massacre

3. 1834 Hebron pogromOnceinawhile moved page to 1834 Hebron massacre

4. Limerick PogromOnceinawhile moved page to Limerick Boycott

5. List of events named pogrom

6. 1945 Cairo pogromOnceinawhile moved page to 1945 Anti-Jewish Riots in Egypt

7. Pogroms of 1096 Onceinawhile moved page to Rhineland massacres

8. Definitions of pogrom

9. 1947 Manama pogrom Onceinawhile moved page to 1947 Manama riots

10. 1948 Oujda and Jerada pogromOnceinawhile moved page to 1948 Anti-Jewish Riots in Oujda and Jerada

11. Template:Anti-Jewish pogroms during the 1948 Arab-Israeli WarOnceinawhile moved page toTemplate:Anti-Jewish attacks in Arab countries during the 1948 Palestine war and its aftermath

12. 1948 Tripoli pogromOnceinawhile moved page to 1948 Anti-Jewish Riots in Tripolitania

13. 1945 Tripolitania pogrom Onceinawhile moved page to 1945 Anti-Jewish Riots in Tripolitania

14. 1947 Aleppo pogromOnceinawhile moved page to 1947 Anti-Jewish riots in Aleppo

15. Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire Onceinawhile moved to Pogroms in the Russian Empire

16. Gabès pogrom Onceinawhile moved page to 1941 Gabès riots


See this extensive article by David Collier titled "Exclusive - Project Wiki - how Wikipedia is breeding an army of antisemites" which features more about Onceinawhile and his edits' impact on school textbooks.

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