#3 Anti-Israel Editor: Huldra

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Huldra keeps a rather low profile as they assist the cadre of anti-Israel editors. However, Huldra’s dedicated passion is one that is slowly and dangerously undermining the factual history of Israel on Wikipedia by creating false documentation that shows nearly 400 Arab villages were allegedly depopulated by Jews and Israel. Last, but not least, Huldra is nearly singularly responsible for enacting the 30/500 policy that limits ALL people from editing anywhere in the Arab-Israeli topic area unless they have achieved 30 days and 500 edits on Wikipedia.

Huldra’s identity

Huldra is believed to be a woman, a minority among Wikipedia editors in general, and extremely rare in the Arab-Israeli topic area specifically. The word "huldra" refers to a Scandinavian spirit creature, thus suggesting Huldra is either based in or has a background from Norway, Sweden, or other states in the region.

Huldra’s Wikipedia information

Best of Huldra’s edits

Huldra edits tirelessly and is the main editor behind a list that shows how Jews and Israel illegally depopulated nearly 400 Arab villages.

Huldra and Nishidani (#4 Anti-Israel Editor) are responsible for connivingly pushing through the 30/500 policy that essentially stops all editors from editing in the Arab-Israeli topic area until they have amassed 30 days and 500 edits. This one policy, more than anything, has allowed the pro-Palestinian nationalists to place a stranglehold on Wikipedia and keep virtually all pro-Israel editors out.

Here is the first time that Huldra pushed for the 30/500 policy.

The I/P [Israeli/Palestinian] area is drowning in socks, one nastier than the other, and it makes the whole area absolutely poisonous. I strongly support Nishidanis suggestion: let people have, say, 500 non-I/P edits before they can edit anything in the I/P area. It will not stop the dedicated sock, but at least we can avoid all those throw-away socks, presently 13 to the dozen. Huldra (talk) 22:51, 18 August 2015 (UTC)

Best of Huldra’s discussions

On Huldra’s personal discussion page, an editor approached Huldra to clarify that Huldra had wrongly (some would say purposely) written that kibbutz Givat Oz was built on the ruins of an Araba village, Khirbat Zalafa. The problem was, as the editor noted, that Khirbet Zalafa is 24 kilometers away from Givat Oz. The editor asked if Huldra would remove the factually inaccurate statement and Huldra refused, stating that the historian she took the information from is considered a reliable source.


Here is a list of some of the more notable pages created by Huldra:

  1. Emily Ruete

  2. Turki al-Hamad

  3. Ali al-Khudair

  4. Sabri Jiryis

  5. Thuwaini bin Said

  6. Mourid Barghouti

  7. Rosemarie Said Zahlan

  8. Beyond Chutzpah

  9. Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question

  10. Journal of Palestine Studies

  11. Yosef Gorny

  12. Yosef Weitz

  13. Rashidieh

  14. Edward Atiyah

  15. Arab Studies Quarterly

  16. Donald Neff

  17. Serene Husseini Shahid

  18. Palestinian costumes

  19. Mordechai Nisan

  20. Elihu Grant

  21. Mother-of-pearl carving in Bethlehem

  22. Salt of this Sea

  23. Category:Burials in the State of Palestine

  24. Workers' Youth League membership scandal ‎Huldra moved to Workers' Youth League affair

  25. Palestinian attack tunnels moved to Palestinian tunnels

  26. Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Palestinian stone-throwing

  27. Palestinian immigration to Israel Huldra moved page to Palestinian return to Israel

  28. Mayfadoun

  29. Status of territories captured by Israel Huldra moved page to Status of territories occupied by Israel in 1967

  30. 2017 Saudi Arabian anti-corruption arrestsHuldra moved page to 2017 Saudi Arabian purge

  31. Category:Geography of Palestine

  32. Highway 60 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Highway 60 (Israel/Palestine)

  33. Highway 50 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Highway 50 (Israel/Palestine)

  34. Route 505 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Route 505 (Israel/Palestine)

  35. Category:Nature reserves in Palestine

  36. Highway 99 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Highway 99 (Golan Heights and Israel )

  37. List of beaches in IsraelHuldra moved page to List of beaches in Israel and Palestine

  38. Highway 1 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Highway 1 (Israel/Palestine)

  39. Route 999 (Israel) Huldra moved page to Route 999 (Golan Heights)

  40. Highway 87 (Israel) Huldra moved page ) to Highway 87 (Golan Heights/Israel): most in in the Golan Heighs

Palestinian Villages Project

  1. Bayt Naqquba

  2. Kafr Bir'im

  3. Bayt Dajan

  4. Qula

  5. Kafr 'Ana

  6. Bayt Jibrin

  7. Tayr Harfa

  8. Aalma ech Chaab

  9. Rab El Thalathine

  10. Shabtin

  11. Madama, Nablus

  12. Umm Safa

  13. Jibiya, Ramallah

  14. Iraq Burin

  15. Raba, Jenin

  16. Rama, Jenin

  17. Zibda

  18. Kufeir

  19. Jarba

  20. Jiljilyya

  21. At-Tira (Ramallah)

  22. Category:Seam Zone

  23. Category:Populated places in the West Bank

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