#2 Anti-Israel Editor: Nableezy

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It has been stated in Wikipedia that if Nishidani is the brains, Nableezy is the brawn. Nableezy is to Wikipedia what Hamas terrorists are to the peace process. Among a pack of wolves that doubles as anti-Israel editors, Nableezy is the most vile, dedicated, and ruthless of all. He is responsible for the antagonism and volatility in the Arab-Israeli topic area in Wikipedia more than any other anti-Israel editor.

Nableezy’s Wikipedia information

Nableezy’s identity

There’s speculation that Nableezy is part Egyptian and lives or lived in the Chicago area. He speaks Arabic. Recent information suggests that Nableezy works for The Electronic Intifada.

Blocking or Topic-Banning Pro-Israel Wikipedia Editors

Nableezy is almost singularly responsible for getting nearly 60 Jewish and pro-Israel accounts blocked or topic banned from editing Wikipedia, often through subversive methods and working in collusion with Wikipedia’s administrators.

Much of this has been accomplished by trumping up false charges of editors breaking policies, but many times claiming certain accounts are “sockpuppets,” accounts of users that have previously been blocked from editing Wikipedia.

Most often, Nableezy has used the Sockpuppet Investigations (SPI) as a tool to block pro-Israel editors. In the beginning, before there was an official SPI, Nableezy (and other anti-Israel editors) would accuse pro-Israel editors of being “socks” and Wikipedia Administrators would block these editors based on Nableezy’s fictitious accusations. Pro-Israel editors simply disappeared.

Here is a Wikipedia Administrator discussing that they’ve had private email exchanges with Nableezy and others and blocking pro-Israel editors, in part, because of Nableezy’s private emails.

OK. I've discussed this with Shirik and Risker. Basically, there's no usable technical evidence here (except that the DSL ISP here didn't seem to match NC100's old ISP). Going on behavior, for reasons that I won't discuss in depth in public, having considered Nableezy's evidence both above and sent to me in email, I'm satisfied that it is more likely than not that TZM and Rym torch, at least, are the same person, and that there's a reasonable probability that they are NC100. Accordingly, I'm blocking both accounts indefinitely. T. Canens (talk) 05:56, 14 May 2011 (UTC)[reply]

The largest SPI witch hunt to rid pro-Israel editors from Wikipedia is called NoCal100. “NoCal” was a blocked pro-Israel editor who had 2,680 edits from January 2008 through June 2009.

Here are the numbers from the NoCal100 SPI and Nableezy’s participation:

  • 63 pro-Israel accounts from the West Coast have been accused of being NoCal100 sockpuppets.

  • 36 of the 63 accounts (more than half) were submitted by Nableezy.

  • 31 of the 36 submitted by Nableezy were blocked.

  • 11 accounts in addition to the 36 qualify as accounts that are part of Nableezy’s “Tree of socks.” These are pro-Israel accounts that were brought to the NoCal SPI because they are connected to blocked accounts that Nableezy brought to SPI.

  • 4 of the 11 accounts were blocked.

  • Nableezy is responsible for or assisted in 47 of the 63 NoCal100 sockpuppet investigations.

  • Nableezy is responsible for 35 blocked NoCal100 pro-Israel accounts.

There are more SPIs (asside from NoCal100) asidewhere Nableezy has accused pro-Israel editors of being “socks.” Once fully researched, those numbers will be published here.

In addition to bringing pro-Israel editors to SPIs, Nableezy uses other platforms to get pro-Israel Wikipedia editors blocked or topic banned. One avenue is Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement (known as AE) and the other is the Administrator’s noticeboard/Incidents (known as ANI). Once fully researched, the numbers of pro-Israel editors that Nableezy has helped to get blocked or topic banned by utilizing these areas will soon be published.

Best of Nableezy’s edits

The “Gaza Massacre” 

Through a circular type of editing called citogenesis, Nableezy helped create the term “Gaza Massacre” to describe the 2008 Israeli-Gaza War. Nableezy (and others) took obscure references from unreliable sources, then pushed “his” term until some reputable news sources picked up that term from Wikipedia and reported on it. Nableezy then used those reports as “reliable sources.” The term “Gaza Massacre” is in the first sentence in the Wikipedia article and has become an internationally accepted name for that war.  [Nableezy’s “Gaza Massacre” is not listed in “Wikipedia’s list of citogenesis incidents.”]

Nableezy placed the following as a reference in the Wikipedia article “2014 Israel–Gaza conflict”

Richard Silverstein, In First Gaza Ground Battle, Israeli Commandos RepelledTikun Olam, 13 July 2014:

‘The army claimed the mosque was used by Hamas to store weapons. What’s historically interesting about this claim is that the Irgun and Palmach both stored their weapons in synagogues, believing the British would neither suspect nor search for weapons in a house of worship. They too took advantage of their religion to further their military goals. But imagine if, in 1947, the British had bombed one of those synagogues? What a geshrei the Israelis would’ve let loose.’


Here is a list of some of the more notable pages created by Nableezy:

  1. Al-Azhar Mosque

  2. International law and the Gaza War

  3. Al Qastal, Israelmoved to Al Qastal, Palestine

  4. Template:Jewish villages depopulated during the Israeli War of Independencemoved to Template:Jewish villages depopulated during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War

  5. Death of Khalil al-Mughrabi

  6. File:Pappe - The Ethnic Cleancing of Palestine.jpg

  7. Hamas violence against Palestinians moved to 2009 Hamas political violence in Gaza

  8. List of Grand Imams of al-Azhar

  9. Bayard Dodge

  10. Category:Massacres in the Palestinian territories

  11. List of massacres in Palestine, split from List of massacres in Israel

  12. Khirbet ar-Ras al-Ahmar

  13. Israeli occupation of the West Bank

  14. Template:Did you know nominations/Israeli occupation of the West Bank

  15. List of Israeli settlements

  16. Status of the Golan Heights

  17. Category:Israeli occupation of the West Bank

"Israeli Occupation of the West Bank" was one of the articles analyzed in the report comparing Israeli and Palestinian bias. It was found to be one of the top five articles biased against Israel with 77.19% of its content analyzed as anti-Israel.

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