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The Israel Group is in discussions with individuals and organizations as dedicated to fighting BDS as its founder Jack Saltzberg (of blessed memory), who passed away July 26th of this year.


We want to express our deepest gratitude to all who have supported and believed in The Israel Group's mission. Thank you for your patience as we find the best way to honor his memory and continue his vital work.

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The Israel Group launches initiatives to defeat the BDS movement, a coalition of activists that seek to delegitimize and ultimately destroy Israel.


Israel's enemies never rest and neither do we!


Webinars Featuring the Most Important Voices About Israel

Edwin Black | Dan Cushmaro | Ido Daniel | Rabbi Yotav Eliach | Brooke Goldstein | Holocaust Survivors | Ami Horowitz | Charles Jacobs | William Jacobson | Brig. General (Res) Yitshak Kreiss | Itamar Marcus | Judea Pearl | Daniel Pomerantz | Tabby Refael | Reservists on Duty | Rudy Rochman | Pro-Israel University Students
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Stop Wikipedia’s War Against Israel

  • ​EXCLUSIVE REPORT: A Comparative Analysis of Wikipedia’s Israeli and Palestinian Bias
  • Top 5 Anti-Israel Wikipedia Editors
  • The Most Anti-Israel Wikipedia Articles

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If you are serious about battling those who are trying to destroy Israel, support The Israel Group. The war against Israel in the Diaspora is ongoing and the initiatives to fight BDS are costly.
We can’t succeed without your help!