#6 Anti-Israel Editor: MShabazz AKA Malik Shabazz

Malik Shabazz (who also edited as MShabazz) was one of the most prolific anti-Israel editors until retiring in June 2019

MShabazz’s identity 

We do not think that this image is MShabbazz, however the photo was used on his userpage for years.

They have written on Wikipedia that they are Jewish, but who can believe them?

MShabazz is obsessed with Malcolm X and everything related to his family.

Best of MShabazz’s edits

Wikipedia operates based on policies, and an editor who breaks those policies can be blocked or banned from the site. One important policy is WP:CIVILITY, which outlines how editors should treat other editors: basically, with “civility.” This means no personal attacks and assuming “good faith edits,” rather than that somebody is editing with malicious intent.

MShabazz was a Wikipedia administrator. An administrator, as explained here, has enormous power in Wikipedia, including the power to block and ban editors and to use certain tools to delete information from the site. Administrators are supposed to be held to the highest standards, and breaking policies is the fastest way to be removed as an administrator. Otherwise, they are administrators for life.

In a discussion in a Wikipedia section called Administrators’ noticeboard/Incidents (AN/I), Wikipedia’s version of court, right out of a Kafka novel, Malik Shabazz wrote to another administrator:

I’ll reiterate: The Jewboy has chased the nigger off Wikipedia. Congratulations.

After a lengthy discussion, Malik Shabazz was removed from his Administrator position. Not for what he said, which would have blocked any average editor on Wikipedia forever, but because he was caught using his administrator tools to secretly delete some of his comments.

He is now among the most respected editors in the anti-Israel community. His comments have been redacted by Wikipedia. But, as one editor, MrX, wrote:

Arbcom should swiftly decline this case. There is no evident pattern of long-term WP:ADMIN abuse or tool misuse. Malik Shabazz seems to have reacted to perceived harassment by another user. The community has not been afforded the opportunity to address the concerns in this complaint, as is the usual process defined at WP:ADMIN#Disputes or complaints. I would also add that it’s silly to redact Malik’s comments on ANI, yet bare them for the world to see here.- MrX 01:36, 18 August 2015 (UTC)

Best of MShabazz’s discussions

Outside of a few fringes, all of Jerusalem remains unrecognized as Israel’s capital, as it has for nearly 70 years.

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